Blood Bag Triple JMS

IV Admin & Blood Care

Product Description

Triple blood bag CPD-SAGM (T) 450+400x2 5DPC IBSP-NP-BSB CLP 16G

Triple blood bag intended for whole blood collection and separation of 3 different blood components (Red cell, plasma & platelet).

  • CPD (Citrate-Phosphate-Dextros) anticoagulant in primary bag
  • SAGM solution in satelite bag
  • 5 days platelet storage (5DPC)
  • Pre-attached clamps on collection tube
  • Donor needle 16G
  • Safety features : Needle Protector (NP), Integrated Blood Sampling Port (IBSP) & Blood Sampling Bag (BSB)

Packing : 48's/Ctn

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