Symmetrie Ultrabiocellulose Mask


Product Description

Biocellulose has a lot of advantages over traditional paper masks, especially for anti-aging treatments. Here are a few of our favorite benefits of Biocellulose:

  • Biocellulose is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to the fibers used in other traditionally manufactured sheet masks because it’s 100% compostable.
  • Biocellulose fabrics are tightly woven and very durable. Masks made from Biocellulose will not rip or tear.
  • Biocellulose is toxin-free, while paper masks are often treated with chemicals.
  • Biocellulose fibers have the ability to both absorb and donate moisture and liquids, making them the perfect carrier for delivering nourishing ingredients to your skin.
  • Biocellulose masks cling to the skin, meaning they get into every little part of your face, and they won’t dry out during use. All of this means deeper ingredient penetration!
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