Plastic Apron

Protective Care - PPE / PPD

Product Description

Constructed from strong and lightweight polyethylene, this disposable apron is embossed and latex-free.


  • Pullover neck loop
  • Waterproof protection
  • Extra-long waist ties
  • Tear straps to remove

This apron can be easily put on with its pullover neck loop, providing full coverage from neck to legs. It is an effective barrier against oil, liquid, grease, dirt and moisture. Its extra-long waist ties allow every individual to fit in comfortably. This apron can also be easily removed and disposed of by tearing the straps.

Thickness: 20 micron
Size (L x W): 1250 mm x 800 mm

Packing: 100 pieces/bag

Also available in 1180 mm x 760 mm and 1400 mm x 900 mm.

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